Ground Truth Trekking

Movies produced by Ground Truth Trekking

Heart of Alaska (now out on DVD and streaming)

Through adventure, inquiry, chance encounters and in-depth conversations this film aims to pause long enough to ponder what the future of Alaska will look like for the two adventuring toddlers in this film and their peers.

Journey on the Wild Coast

This award-winning film, released in December 2010, has shown at numerous film festivals around North America and chronicles Hig and Erin's 4000-mile epic voyage from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands.  You can stream this online via Steep Edge and via Amazon Prime.

Life on Ice Movie

This film chronicles the "Life on Ice" expedition recently undertaken by Hig and Erin with their two young children.  Living on a forested glacier for two months, battered by Fall storms, contained both beauty and hardship.  You can watch this online via Steep Edge.

Where the Heck is Donlin? The Movie

This documentary explores the issues surrounding the proposed Donlin Creek Gold mine in SW Alaska.  It is based on the 350-mile voyage of Bjorn Olson and Kim McNett who explored the potential footprint of the mine and interviewed people in the region.  You can watch this for free on Ground Truth Trekking's Site.