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Nickname: "Warty snout"

Scientific name -- possible: Styela gibbsii or Styela truncata Habitat: Rocks. Often between barnacles, doesn't mind light exposure. Mid-low intertidal, in exposed and protected areas. Description: Protrudes from the rocks or barnacles. No stalk, base is squat. Body is yellowish-brown, with prominent longitudinal wrinkles. No transverse wrinkles. Often prominent brownish warts on body, especially near siphons. Siphons are red and close together. One of the most common intertidal tunicates. Notes: Someone Catie contacted thought these were Styela gibbsii. They match the photo and description of S. gibbsii here. Van Name says S. gibbsii has a narrower attachment than S. truncata, and that S. gibbsii is usually found in deeper water, while his suspicion is that S. truncata was the one that Ritter thought was common on rocks above the water line on Vancouver Island. S. truncata = S. vancouverensis. Neither S. gibbsii or S. truncata look as wrinkled or warty in his drawings as this species. This guide from SE : has a species that looks the same as these listed as S. truncata. These pictures of actual sequenced specimens look kind of like "warty snout" and kind of like "wrinkled snout" I collected a number of these (see samples 10 and 8 from white rock beach). I know gonads are often distinctive, so they may be good candidates for dissection and/or genetics. You have a pair of photos in the S. truncata folder of a smooth elongated form that looks much more like S. truncata than mine, so I'm guessing. S. gibbsii here.

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