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Climbing from an Aleutian Fjord
Whale encounter
Tar deposit on a gravel beach
Tar deposit in gravel
Ship Rock
Camping on an uplifted shoreline
Boulder and sand tsunami deposit
Tsunami scour?
Tsunami scour?
Pacific Coast of Unalaska Island
Toes in the Ocean
Blueberry decorations
Jellyfish viewing
Makushin Volcano
Aleutian sea arch
Rock walls
Craggy cliffs and cows
South coast of Unalaska
Giant sea cave
Column cliffs and swells
Tsunami log above the Unalaska coast
Stalwart crew
"A Meadow of Sunshine!"
Threading a reef
Katmai paddling Lituya
"Helping with paddling"
Dead salmon on beach
Difficult coast
Tiny natural harbor
Aleutian waterfalls
Aleutian fjord
Climbing out of the tall grass
Into the fog
View from Pakushin
Umnak in the Distance
Pakushin Sunset
Pakushin crater
Cracked ash
Where is the peak?
Tent on a foggy mountain
Threading rocks
Calm Aleutian lake
Narrow pass