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Aleutian sun and wind
Epic volcano cow
Archaeological layers
Vsevidof Volcano
Columnar jointed cliffs
Flanks of Recheshnoi Volcano
Aleutian Mountains
High foggy camp
Morninig sun on Recheshnoi Volcano
Where the earth bleeds heat
Lava field
Exposed stratigraphy in Okmok Caldera
Small crater lake
Blue crater lake
Crater within Okmok Caldera
Caldera walk
Okmok Badlands
Giant spring in Okmok Caldera
Silt and clay layers
Lava cave
Ship Rock
Camping on an uplifted shoreline
"A Meadow of Sunshine!"
Walking along a windy lake
Expedition silly
Cow skull
Foggy ascent
Kamchatka rhododendron
On the caldera's edge
Little hiker
Camped on cinders
Steam vent
Descent into the Caldera
Warmth-loving goo
Steam vents
Okmok badland explorer
Hot springs meal
Winding way
Steam vents
WW II quonset hut
Assembling a packraft longboat
View from Pakushin
Umnak in the Distance