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Gravel bar
Lunch Mountain
On the peak of Lunch Mountain
Trail inspection
Improvised bridge
Spring trail scouting
Tutka Backdoor concept - Fall 2016
Giant boulders
Next to the ford
Tundra playground camp
Alpine creek
Creek in meadow
Gorge creek
Alpine valley view
Alpine lake
Alpine lake pair
Evening light on creek
Scenic overlook
Creek ford
Fording the creek
Group portrait on Lunch Mountain
Proud kids
Tutka Flats
Swimming lake
Tundra Playground
Alpine lakes
Meadow in the forest
Cliffs and ridges
Fjord delta
Gravel delta
Windswept forest ridge
Gulf of Alaska Forest
Spruce forest blowdown
High Pass
Willow flats
Bow saw action
View of Tutka Tusk
Taylor Tidewater Link
Tutka Rapids
On lunch peak on our april scout trip
On lunch peak on our april scout trip
Looking down from lunch peak, in the snow
checking out the forest in Tuka valley
Tutka Backdoor project map
Frozen River
Spring on Lunch Mountain
Harsh terrain to work in
Bear Trail on Boulders
Camped on the Taylor River
Taylor River Mists
Taylor River
Morning sun
Mist over blowdown
Chainsawing a trail
Above it all
Above the rainforest
Building tread
Alpine trail work
Building cairns
Mountainside with a trail
Challenging terrain for a trail
Alpine bowl
Alpine traverse
Descending from Tutka pass
Tutka Pass
River through boulders
Tutka tundra campsite
Future trail traverse
Future trail route
Infinity Pools
Child bouldering
Walking in the willow flats
The misty mountains
Tutka flats
No trail
Taylor bowl
Taylor Bay
Taylor Bay beach
Tough traverse
Looking out Taylor Bay
Heavy rain
Hanging out in the warm tent
Trail scout
Rocky mountain terrain
Taylor River
Taylor River
Trail scouting in brush
Mist on Taylor Bay
Volunteer shift-change
Old dog hiking
Looking down from the first pass
Taylor valley
Trail inspection
Alpine tundra
Alpine lake
Selective trimming
Dinner after trail work
Two meadow types
New tread
Cutting roots
Tree cutting
Working on switchbacks
Taylor River
Snack break
Cairn helper
Gorge camp
Climbing to Tutka Pass
Oreo Mountain
Tutka Backdoor trail
Rainy Taylor Bay
Taylor River Cairn
Sunny day after rain
Taylor River Crossing
Taylor Bay
Looking to Tutka Pass
High traverse
Trail discussions
Serious trail crew
Cutting a brushy section
Tread crew
Young trail builders
Evening on Taylor Bay
Landing craft cargo
Map of Tutka Pass
Trails near the head of Tutka Bay
Stone retaining wall
Avy Camp
Rock splitting training
Rerouted trail
Narrow trail on a steep slope
New tread
Grass-sod and gravel tread
"Jeff Tread"
Tundra tread
Meadow reroute tread
Deer cabbage tread
Tread trouble
Little stepping stones
Tread needs re-routing
Retaining wall
Reroute needed!
Forest tread
Established tread
Wet steep and rocky
Reworking soil
Wet spot in the trail
Muddy trail work
Hard rock in Tutka Pass
Alpine tread building
Trail tread in alpine gravel
Cave cache
Thin snow
Tread in mountain fog
Path through gravel
Pinch-point tread