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Harsh terrain to work in
Bear Trail on Boulders
Camped on the Taylor River
Taylor River Mists
Taylor River
Morning sun
Mist over blowdown
Chainsawing a trail
Above it all
Building tread
Alpine trail work
Building cairns
Mountainside with a trail
Challenging terrain for a trail
Future trail traverse
Future trail route
No trail
Taylor bowl
Taylor Bay beach
Tough traverse
Hanging out in the warm tent
Trail scout
Rocky mountain terrain
Trail scouting in brush
Volunteer shift-change
Trail inspection
Selective trimming
Dinner after trail work
Two meadow types
New tread
Cutting roots
Tree cutting
Working on switchbacks
Cairn helper
Taylor River Cairn
Sunny day after rain
Taylor River Crossing
Trail discussions
Serious trail crew
Cutting a brushy section
Tread crew
Young trail builders
Landing craft cargo