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Trail on vertical granite
Set stone stair switchback
Overhung stone steps
Stone steps in thick vegetation
Set stone stairs
Durable stone stairs
Visiting Quechua family
Eroding trail
Steep Inca stairs
Hiking through sunset
Steep stairs with paved drainage
Stairs with drainage
Terraces and stairs
Llama terraces
Choquequirao wall with zig-zag
Aeolian trash
Aeolian grain-size transition
Aeolian ladder ripples
Aeolian megaripples
Intense beach project
Beach project
Surf games
Inca seafood storage
Desiccated Chiton
Pelican rock
Surf seaweed
Wave-washed habitat
Keyhole limpet in the desert
Orange sea anenome
Boulder arch
Desert coast
Weathered desert stone
Camped on the desert coast
Peruvian sea lion haul-out
Cormorant over waves
Sea lions hauling out
Dune panorama
Lake trout nets
Desert tide-pool play
Peruvian dune trek
Dune bromeliad
Dunetop vista
Shifting sands
Dune trekking
Evening on the dunes
Mountain Laurel Designs mid liner
Dawn light on Peruvian dunes
Cliff-trail ruins
Can you spot the trail?
Stone trail tread