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View from up high
Surveying a high tsunami
Not actually above it all
Landslide rock on Tyndall Glacier
Tyndall and St. Elias
Aerial Photos of Icy Bay
Driving into Taan Fjord
Under the Landslide
Trench in Hoof-Hill Fan
Walking on Tsunami Deposit
Evening Cruise
Surveying Taan Fjord
Surveying the Highest Run-Up
Surveying in Front of the Slide
Main Expedition Camp
Tsunami Deposit
Tsunami Deposit Trench
Two Erratics
Main Expedition Team
Ice Choked Fjord
Landslide Hummock
Aerial Photography
Field Trip
Scene of catastrophe
Searching for 'Run-Up'
Following a Tsunami
Boulder gravel
River through boulders
Evidence of instability
Aerial view of ground cracking
Possible landslide deposit
Island in the ice
Grewingk - Alpine Ridge cliff
Grewingk Lake, August 1964
Active fissure
Active alpine crack
Minor sink hole
Landslide gully
Grewingk slopes