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Kenai Peninsula Borough Anadromous Streams Ordinance: Waterways affected by ordinance GET PHOTO Executive SummaryThis ordinance establishes a buffer zone of limited development within 50 feet of anadromous (salmon-bearing) waters, to protect fish habitat. Waters are defined based on Fish and Game's catalog of anadromous waters, with ... [read-more]

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The Dead and the Dying: A trip through the glaciers of Tutka Valley originally posted to the Ground Truth Trekking blog on September 13 2009  Last winter's meager snowfall was followed by volcanic ash, then a warm sunny spring, melting the mountains back to bare ... [read-more]

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Chrome Bay Mine
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Senecio pseudoarnica (Beach sunflower)
Sandstone boulders
Wet trail
Picnic by the creek
Exploring the washout
Big tree, tiny mushrooms
Red Mountain road washed out
Fog and Iliamna
Moth atop mushroom
Gravel pit tower
Moth entombed in frost
Bruce Spanworm (Operophtera bruceata) on Alder
Alder defoliation
Alder and spruce
Seldovia valley
Native fish trap
Kids in a Cave
Winter cranberries
Blue Sky, Winter Day
Above Ocean
Self-pruning tree
Kim in the Kenai Current
Dipnetter coordination
6:00 AM opener
Subsistence and Commercial Fishery
Throngs of dipnetters
Sandy salmon ready to be processed
Soil outcropping in beach
Clay outcrop
Cobbles on peat
Faulted rock
Outside beach
Sheared rock under peat
False Hellebore (Veratrum viride var. eschscholzianum)
False Hellebore (Veratrum viride var. eschscholzianum)
Pleistocene terrace?
Samples for analysis
Nine feet down
Preparing to dig a peat pit
Telmessus cheiragonus, burying itself
Jurassic Ammonite
Coral fossil
Fossil clam
Port Dick from Gore Point
South Kenai Coast
Gore Peak view
Gore Peak Selfie
Animal trail
Open coast
Above Taylor Bay
Taylor Delta
Taylor River
Remote mountains
Termination dust
Snow dusting
Tutka Pass
Snowy pass
Down from Tutka Pass
Tutka Valley
Tutka Passes
Tutka river
Thick route
Snow in forested mountains
Tutka Valley
Looking up from Tutka
Tutka River
Glebocarcinus oregonensis hiding under sand
Glebocarcinus oregonensis
Cryptolithodes typicus pair under a boulder
Cryptolithodes typicus grasping claws
Pagurus beringanus
Pagurus beringanus, turning itself back over
Pagurus caurinus
Pagurus caurinus scuttling away
Pagurus caurinus in an overlarge shell
Pagurus hirsutiusculus, crowded in a tidepool
Juvenile Pagurus hirsutiusculus
Pagurus hirsutiusculus in a small shell
Phyllolithodes papillosus, Heart Crab
Juvenile Phyllolithodes papillosus
Phyllolithodes papillosus on a clam shell
Pugettia gracilis with algae decoration
Pugettia gracilis
Pugettia gracilis in a tide pool
Telmessus cheiragonus
Pugettia gracilis, attached to a rock
Gravel bar
Lunch Mountain
On the peak of Lunch Mountain
Trail inspection
Improvised bridge
Spring trail scouting
Tutka Flats
Swimming lake
Tundra Playground
Alpine lakes
Meadow in the forest
Fjord delta
Gravel delta
Windswept forest ridge
Gulf of Alaska Forest
High Pass
Meadow with boulder
Willow flats
Bow saw action
View of Tutka Tusk
Taylor Tidewater Link
Tutka Rapids
Frozen River