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Grewingk Glacier
Lituya Rescue
Packrafting the Woz
Threading sea arches
Family portrait
The top!
Camped above Kachemak Bay
Evening view of the coast
Down the trail
Young explorers
Grewingk Glacier and Lake
Massive ice
Tagalong Mom
All-in play
Grace Ridge
Setting up a bear fence
Tandem packrafting
Portaging a sweeper
Wosnesenski to Stonehocker channel
Lower Wos rapid
Ghost forest
Complex fracture patterns
Geologist surveying landslide hazards
Possible graben-pond
Alpine fishing pole
Looking over the edge
Graben pond with fissure
Cracked mountain top
Evidence of instability
Alpine Ridge
Cracks in the mouintain
Aerial view of ground cracking
USGS 1953 topo map
NOAA chart
GTT map of upper Tutka
Map of Grewingk area
Avalanche snow on frozen lake
Icebreaker iceberg
Skating to Grewingk Glacier
Exploring ice caves
In the bottom of a Crevasse
Blue cave, shattered ice
Shallow frozen crevasse
Bending ice
Family portrait on a glacier
Dirty ice cave
Grewingk Glacier in winter
Huge frost crystals
Frosty forest
Frosty iceberg
Island in the ice
Hole in the ice
Skating amongst icebergs
Skating on a glacial lake
Ice tunnel
Looking up toward the blue light
Glacier cave entrance
Grewingk - Alpine Ridge cliff
Snowy cliffs
Winter on Grewingk
Grewingk Lake, August 1964
Active fissure
Disarticulating glacier
Blue Ice Trail view
Grewingk Lake
Active alpine crack
Minor sink hole
Crack in the mountain
Rerouted trail
Narrow trail on a steep slope
New tread
Grass-sod and gravel tread
"Jeff Tread"
Tundra tread
Deer cabbage tread
Tread trouble
Little stepping stones
Tread needs re-routing
Retaining wall
Reroute needed!
Forest tread
Established tread
Wet steep and rocky
Reworking soil
Wet spot in the trail
Muddy trail work
Using a griphoist
A serious trail
Alpine tread building
Trail tread in alpine gravel
Cave cache
Thin snow
Tread in mountain fog
Path through gravel
Pinch-point tread
Landslide gully
Bedrock spring
Grewingk slopes