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Forestry Management in Alaska: Land in Alaska is managed by the Federal government (51%), local governments (25%), Native Corporations (24%) and private landowners (0.4%).  All four of these groups own and manage tracts of Alaska forest.  Debate continues over priorities for the use and ... [read-more]
Forestry Terminology: Forestry TerminologyCertain forestry terms can be deceiving: a “productive” forest does not necessarily grow fast, a “commercial” forest is not necessarily marketable, and “old growth” trees are not necessarily large.   This article explains a few of these terms. Big tree ... [read-more]
Logging on the Tongass National Forest: Some terminology used in this article is explained in "Forestry Terminology" Old-growth stump GET PHOTO Tongass National Forest IntroductionLogging on the Tongass National Forest, the largest U.S. National Forest (considered the “crown jewel” of the National Forest system), occurs predominantly ... [read-more]
Loss-Selling in Alaska: Summary”Loss selling,” more formally known as Net Operating Loss selling (NOLs selling), was a business practice allowed previous to 1984 by which businesses could sell other businesses their financial losses for tax purposes.  It is a rubric term that encompasses ... [read-more]
Temperate Rainforests of the Northern Pacific Coast: (Author's Note:  This article was written in 2007 by Erin McKittrick as part of our preparation for the Journey on the Wild Coast.  For up to date and more neutral articles on a variety of natural resource issues in Alaska ... [read-more]
Wildfire in Alaska: Fire Distribution Fire Ecology Size of Alaska Fires Insect Infestations Fire and Weather Intensity of Burning Acreage Burned Climate Change Conclusion Fire is not a problem to be solved in Alaska, but a natural process to be managed.  However, dramatic ... [read-more]
Forestry:   Forestry Articles Forestry Management in AlaskaLogging in the TongassLoss-Selling in AlaskaTemperate Rainforests of the Northern Pacific CoastWildfire in Alaska Alaska includes over 126 million acres of forests.  The majority (90%) of this acreage is part of the circumpolar boreal ... [read-more]

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Bogachel Rainforest (2003)
Patch of fire
Summer contrast
Front lines
Cracking bark
Fireweed sprouting from burned moss
Black sticks, blue sky
Lupine sprouting
Walking the fire line
Burned burls
Scorched gravel
Trash thermometer
Like sculptures of branches
Usibelli Loop photos (camera B)
Burned trees
Seared forest
Forest painted by fire
Fire line, but no fire
Lingering fire traces
Skeletal spruce
Burned stump
Forest painted by fire
Fire line
Fire overview
Burned hollow
Above, but not enough
Shadows and ash
Only poles remain
Scorched hill
Like fall, from fire
Black, red, green
Cutting along the fire line
Alone after fire
Lupine after fire