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Alaska Coal Country: 2010 has been our year of coal. Through winter and spring, we wrote articles full of esoteric details on all the coal projects and prospects in Alaska. Alaska might have as much as 10% of the world's coal - most ... [read-more]
The Chukchi Sea at Toddler Speed: Read about it in Small Feet, Big Land: Adventure, Home, and Family on the Edge of Alaska - October 2013 We were out for a month, trekking a week at a time between villages. We walked and paddled around 300 ... [read-more]

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Storm battered Chukchi coast
Rookery coast
Fingerprints of wind
Coast walk
Sand dollar in ice
Melting permafrost
Mud is fun
Crossing the crack
Melting ice blocks
Nearly ready to packraft
Harsh campsite
Spotted Seal (Phoca largha)
Lagoon skiing
Icy puddles
Tent on the sea ice
Fresh ice shove
Ice jumble campsite
Hilly ocean
Camp at sunset
Ice blocks
Cinquefoil (probably Potentilla villosa)
Climbing an ice pile
Lituya climbing an ice pile
Katmai climbing an ice jumble
Turquoise pools
The edge of the ice
The last ice pile
Piles and pools
Pools and piles
Skiing by an ice pile
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Shell in ice
Sea urchin in ice
Skiing in water
Running through a puddle
Into the puddles
Splish splash sploosh
Spring puddle maze
Birds on thawing ice
Watching rookeries
Last of the ice
Thin ice crushing together
End of the ice
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky