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Boat decorated for Carnaval
Frog survey
Lituya in potato flowers
Lake trout nets
Jet skis on Lake Titicaca
Tourists on Lake Titicaca
Hydrofoil on Lake Titicaca
Telmatobius culeus captive breeding
Wooden boats of Lake Titicaca
Looking for frogs
Packraft plus snorkel data collection
Titicaca sunset
Distorted horizon
Captive breeding
Lightning on Lake Titicaca
Cobbles of Lake Titicaca
Checking the nets on a windy morning
Thunderhead over Lake Titicaca
Flatworm from Lake Titicaca
Curious llamas
Strange animals
Desert pottery shard
Cliff dwelling birds
Snail from Lake Titicaca
Ignimbrite on the Altiplano
Altiplano rock formation
Tough bush
Storm over the Deseguadero
Deseguadero River
Altiplano gully
Scrambling on sandstone
Campsite on the Deseguadero
Altiplano geese
Running bird
Takeoff in thin air
Deseguadero footbridge
This water park was the kids' favorite thing in Cochabamba
This water park was the kids' favorite thing in Cochabamba
Huddled against the deluge
Katmai enjoys his drenching
Our flower gatherer
Small huts high in the hills above Cochabamba
Kids exhausted after a tough day hike, hanging out with Jaime
All of us plus Jaime, at a lake above Cochabamba
Cochabamba from above
Looking down on Cochabamba
Katmai pauses on his run back to town
Cochabamba at night
Paddling the Deseguadero
Lake Titicaca narrows
Grebe on Lake Titicaca