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Ground Truth Trekking Store (Closed until June 2018)

Order any of our books on Amazon, and see our films on Vimeo.

Our books and movies were created by Ground Truth Trekking volunteers. We use them to help fulfill our mission: educate and inspire through on-the-ground adventures and inquiry. We hope to provide you with knowledge and and insight on key issues. We also hope to inspire you to get out for yourselves. You can't help but learn something, and hopefully you'll have fun along the way.

This isn't the only place (or always the cheapest place) to get our books & movies, and since everything is hand-mailed from a yurt in Seldovia, Alaska, it may not be the fastest. But if you buy from us, all proceeds go to further Ground Truth Trekking's mission. Don't need anything, but still want to help us out? Please Donate!

Mud Flats and Fish Camps: 800 Miles around Alaska's Cook Inlet

Heart of Alaska DVD
 Journey on the Wild Coast DVD!

My Coyote Nose
and Ptarmigan Toes
Author & Illustrator
Autographed Copy


2014 National Outdoor Book Award Winner!

Small Feet, Big Land:

A Long Trek Home: