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Interactive Graphic - US Electricity Generation from 1990-2009

This figure displays data on generation type, price, and costs for US power generation from 1990-2009.

 Pull-down menus in the top row can be used to select states, time ranges, and generation types.  "Externalities" applies estimates for externalized costs. Mousing over a data point will give you information on state, % of power from the selected generation type, price, and price with externalized costs (if selected).

Only points with non-zero x value are plotted.

If "Average" is selected in the Years menu, mousing over a data point will show a scatterplot of all individual years. If "All" is selected in the Generation Type Menu, each state will have up to 9 different colored dots, one for each generation type. The price will be the same for each dot, since it represents the statewide average price, not the cost of a given power source.

R squared and significance numbers tell you whether increased use of a power source is correlated with an increase or decrease in costs. Upward sloping lines indicate that increasing the percentage of power from that source will increase costs, while downward sloping lines indicate the opposite. Darker lines indicate greater significance (including the Bonferroni correction), and where lines are absent, there is no significant correlation. To segregate significant correlations from those more likely to have arisen coincidentally we applied a cutoff of p<0.05. In many cases we were applying a number of statistical tests in parallel, which increases the likelihood of coincidentally "significant" correlations. To compensate for this effect we applied the Bonferroni correction to our significance tests by dividing by the number of tests. The figure reports both the Bonferroni corrected significant correlations and those that are significant at a simple p<0.05 cutoff because the Boneferroni correction is conservative in its exclusion of correlations.  [Methods and Analysis]

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